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Meet Tiffany

I have been a fitness enthusiast for years. I was looking to try something new, and stumbled upon Pilates almost by accident. I instantly fell in love with the practice and how it helps to improve flexibility, strength and body awareness. I’ve learned that it’s not necessary to participate in hours of heart-pounding cardio to achieve my fitness goals. I completed my Pilates certification in 2019 and enjoys sharing my love of the practice with others. I am also a Licensed Professional Counselor and understand the importance of movement in managing anxiety and depression as well as maintaining overall mental wellness. I love to introduce movements that build on each other and watch my clients progress. I want my clients to leave my classes feeling confident and proud of their bodies.

Tiffany’s Teaching Style? I would describe my teaching style as athletic and intentional. I love to incorporate props that add difficulty to traditional moves to add a little spice and require a little more concentration into the sequences.

Tiffany’s Favorite Pilates Exercise? Planks! I love planks because I can feel the core strength that I have been building in all of the other Pilates exercises I have been doing. As an instructor, I love seeing a client’s core strengthen by watching their plank form improve.

Fun Facts: I love reading, going to the beach and my of course, family.  I’ve also started writing a book 🙂 ! I have three adult kids, one grandson and two grandkids on the way. I am a mental health counselor and understand that movement is integral in maintaining not only a healthy body, but also healthy thoughts and emotions. 

Tiffany’s Playlist Might Include: Beyoncé! All things Beyoncé 🙂 I do try to have a playlist that includes all genres so that everyone can enjoy the music as they workout.

“I’m happy to answer any questions clients have after the class. It can be pilates related, personal etc. I want people to get to know me and I want to get to know you! “

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