Not sure where to start your journey into Pilates? Our Intro classes are the perfect place! We explain why they’re essential for newbies, so you can get familiar with our studio and reap all of the amazing benefits that come along with this full-body workout. Don’t miss out – join us today to begin understanding how everyone’s favorite low-impact exercise delivers big results!

An intro class is the perfect way to get comfortable and confident in Pilates! Learn how to engage your pelvic floor, master essential breathing techniques and explore some traditional exercises. Plus get accustomed with all of the terminology you’ll hear during a regular session; things like ‘abdominal bracing’, ‘neutral spine’ or even ‘tendon stretch’. You’ll also learn about safety aspects for reformer classes so that you can stay secure on equipment – from knowledgeably setting springs tension through knowing when it’s okay (or not!) to tweak an exercise if needed.


Safety first! Your safety is our biggest priority! It’s so important to learn how to use the pieces of equipment (reformers in this case).There are many moving parts of a reformer including the carriage, the footbar, the springs and also the straps. The intro class will guide you through how each of these parts move and how to set the reformer up for different types of exercises. Every studio has different reformers so it’s key to learn how our reformers differ from another studio that you may be coming from.

Reformers are also very expensive machines with expensive parts. Although they are mostly pretty robust, it’s important that you learn how to treat the reformers with care so that other clients can enjoy a well-maintained piece of equipment after you. Your instructor will also explain how to clean the equipment during the intro class.


Pilates is an incredibly intricate exercise system that utilizes not only movements and poses, but also a variety of terms with special meanings. Common terminology includes principles such as breath control, alignment, axial elongation – all designed to give you the full benefits Pilates can offer! Your introductory instructor will be able to provide further insight into these concepts for a better understanding in your practice. Additionally it’s important to have some knowledge about anatomy related topics like ‘core’ components or neutral spine alignments so you can fully engage with each pose at its fullest potential; which ultimately leads towards faster progressions during class time!

Learning the Fundamentals

Understanding the core of Pilates is essential if you want to get the most out of your classes. Joseph Pilates pioneered a select few exercises that serve as foundational moves for everything else, so mastering these basic techniques in an introductory class will set you up for success down the road. Once you’ve got a handle on this building block process―it’s like walking before running―you can take your practice further!

Leveling Up

Whether you’re a complete beginner or an advanced Pilates enthusiast, The Studio can accommodate your skill set. Our intro class is the perfect starting point for those just beginning their journey with us; during this session we will assess what level best fits your ability so that our classes are tailored to meet both challenge and support in equal measure. We suggest sticking with Level 1 options (2-3 times per week) for at least 3 months before determining whether moving up to level 2 would be beneficial – but don’t feel pressured! Ultimately it’s about finding what works best for you as all of our needs vary greatly depending on individual goals and physicality. Your instructor is always available should any questions come up!

With all of that being said, if you are wanting to try out our classes, please book yourself into an intro class before attending a regular class, even if you’ve done Pilates before. This allows you to become familiar with The Studio and how we can best help you with your Pilates practice.