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Meet Melanie

I’m a dedicated practitioner of Pilates with over a decade of experience under my belt. As an athlete, I discovered the incredible benefits of Pilates in alleviating pain from sports-related injuries, fostering balanced muscle development, and enhancing my athletic performance through a deep mind-body connection. My journey took an exciting turn when I joined an aerial circus program in 2017, where Pilates became an essential part of my athletic pursuits, focusing on joint stability and spinal health.  I recently graduated The Studio’s apprentice program driven by my passion to extend the same sense of strength and well-being to those who are new to Pilates.

Melanie’s Teaching Style? Supportive, intentional, balanced.

Melanie’s Favorite Pilates Exercise? Side lying series because I can get that deep glute activation without stressing my knees.

Fun Facts? Outside of teaching I spend a lot of time reading. I love learning about infrastructure like roads, bridges, and public transit. If I’m reading fiction, it’s usually Tom Robbins and one of my tattoos is a reference to his work.

Melanie’s Playlists Might Include: Currently my favorite song is Red Wine Supernova by Chappell Roan.

I love learning and I love feedback. Pilates has been life changing for me, and I often focus on exercises that I find rejuvenating and supportive. If something does not feel right for your body I want to know so we can find the moves that work for you

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