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Meet Neal

I’m a longtime professional dancer and I bring a lifetime of passionate study of human movement to all my teaching. I began my Pilates training under Kathy Grant, a protégée of Joseph Pilates. I was certified to teach by Ellie Herman and was a senior instructor in her Brooklyn, NY studios before relocating to the Atlanta area. My teaching emphasizes finding the joy and pleasure of movement, drawing from an array of modalities to help clients get stronger, move more easily, recover from injury, and generally feel better in their bodies.

Neal’s Teaching Style? I’ve been described as “sneaky,” only because my class energy is calm and soothing but before you know it you’ve broken a sweat 🙂

Neal’s Favorite Pilates Exercise? Swan! So few opportunities in life allow for spinal extension, and it’s really important for all of us who spend (maybe too much) time at a computer and on our phones.

Fun Fact: I’ve seen too many episodes of the Great British Baking Show and fancy myself an amateur baker. I’ve also always been fascinated by religious studies and various spiritual disciplines, so LOVE to talk about Buddhism. 

More About Me: If you’re rehabilitating any injuries, I really enjoy helping clients get out of pain and understand their bodies, specifically how to balance strength and mobility in targeted areas. Private sessions are great for tailoring Pilates to your specific needs. 

Neal’s Playlist Might Include: Raspberry Beret by Prince; Rock the Boat by Aaliyah

“I’m excited to help you reach your full potential, and I look forward to seeing you in The Studio soon!

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