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Come as you are and take what you need from each session. We’ll be there to guide you through the movements and we look forward to providing you with the tools and space to connect with your body.

There’s a lot to love about this place.

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The Studio is, in a word, vibey. We lovingly renovated our space in Emory Village with a mod aesthetic and an energetic and earthy color palette. You’ll love the tambour walls, open ceilings, and arch design details.

We have a large open studio area for our group classes and enclosed areas for our private training sessions.
All spaces include top-of-the-line reformer machines. You’ll feel inspired as soon as you walk through the doors.

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Kelly - Owner & Founder

Kelly fell in love with Pilates in her 20’s, but it wasn’t until she had two kids that she really understood the therapeutic affect it can have as well. Pilates helped reconnect her mind and body postpartum. It gave strength and ease to her daily movements and inspired her to want to share this experience with other women who, at times, feel like strangers in their own bodies. She also wanted to create a space for clients to feel welcome and at ease while connecting to their bodies. Many of the studios she attended in Atlanta felt very cold or unwelcoming to “non-ideal” body types. She believes everyone deserves a positive movement experience and that class should be an escape from any stress or negativity. Kelly has been in marketing for 18 years and was excited to combine her work experience with her passion. You’ll see her at the front desk and also getting certified through Polestar.

Group Reformer Instructor | Private Pilates Training


Minj Suh has been practicing Pilates for nearly a decade and began teaching two years ago, after completing a comprehensive 500-hour training and apprenticeship program. She began Pilates during her recovery journey after a car accident left her with a knee injury. She found that Pilates helped with muscle tone, strength, and overall health.

Minj Suh’s teaching style emphasizes alignment, core strength, and stability. She wants her clients to gain more body awareness during each session and mixes contemporary and classical Pilates teaching methods.


Rachel is a certificated Yoga and Pilates instructor. She began teaching Yoga in 2018, after completing a 200-hour teacher training program. She discovered her love for Pilates after sustaining a wrist injury. She loved the strength she got from her Pilates practice (especially the core strength!) and completed her trainer certification in 2019.

Rachel’s classes are creative and focused on alignment. She wants her clients to leave feeling strong and energized; she loves seeing their progress and the difference Pilates makes in their lives.

Group Reformer Instructor | Private Pilates Training
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Samantha has been teaching fitness for almost a decade. She’s an advocate for holistic fitness, and her journey stemmed from own personal challenge with body negativity and a relatable journey down the path of diet and fitness fads. After sustaining injuries from overtraining and cyclical diets, she decided to listen to her heart and body which led her to Pilates classes.

Samantha’s workouts are tough, but focused on proper form and keeping the mood light and fun. Samantha’s intuitive spirit and badass “you can do it” mentality accepts you where you are, but more importantly where you want to be.


Born and raised in Atlanta, Ranna began teaching in 2018 after completing her 500-Hour Comprehensive Pilates Teaching Program. Her favorite classes to teach are stretch classes and beginner flow classes. Her teaching style is rooted in inclusivity, especially for beginners and those with injuries. Ranna likes to build her classes through progressions, so her clients can challenge themselves while still listening to their bodies, and feeling strong and successful in their practice. Ranna is also currently pursuing a career in nursing and attending school. Fun Fact: Ranna loves growing plants, discussing plants, and sharing clippings of plants 🙂 so don’t feel shy about asking her!

Group Reformer Instructor | Private Pilates Training


A longtime professional dancer, Neal brings a lifetime of passionate study of human movement to all his teaching. Beginning his Pilates training under Kathy Grant, a protégée of Joseph Pilates, Neal was certified to teach by Ellie Herman and was a senior instructor in her Brooklyn, NY studios before relocating to the Atlanta area. Neal’s teaching emphasizes finding the joy and pleasure of movement, drawing from an array of modalities to help clients get stronger, move more easily, recover from injury, and generally feel better in their bodies.


Kali’s love for fitness started early as a competitive gymnast and dancer. After receiving her Medical degree, she continued her quest in health and wellness by treating injuries as an orthopedic surgeon and preventing them by sharing her knowledge of mindful movement through fitness. Dr. Kali Arnold is a 600HR certified Pilates instructor, 200HR Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher, and Reiki Master Practitioner. She also holds certifications in barre, group fitness, and Redcord suspension training. She specializes in bringing mindfulness and stress release through Pilates, yoga, and meditation. . She teaches alignment-based classes that aim to push her clients to get the most out of their workout and leave feeling energized and empowered. Enjoy an eclectic fusion of heart-pumping music ranging from mantra music to hip hop. Mantra: Everything is within your power, and your power is within you.

Kali - Atlanta Pilates Instructor


Layah began her Pilates career through injury rehabilitation. After a major car accident she underwent multiple procedures over a period of 4 years, including a major spinal surgery during lockdowns. Pilates was the first thing she found that truly gave her relief, and helped her reclaim her life! She now has a passion for sharing the gift of Pilates with other people. Whether you are in your retirement years and working on functional mobility, or you’re an athlete looking for a high intensity but safe training regimen, her heart is to come alongside you and help you reach your goals. Because with a strong and healthy body, there’s nothing you cannot do!


Tiffany has been a fitness enthusiast for years. She was looking to try something new, and stumbled upon Pilates almost by accident. She instantly fell in love with the practice and how it helps to improve flexibility, strength and body awareness. She’s learned that it’s not necessary to participate in hours of heart-pounding cardio to achieve her fitness goals. She completed her Pilates certification in 2019 and enjoys sharing her love of the practice with others. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor and understands the importance of movement in managing anxiety and depression as well as maintaining overall mental wellness. Tiffany’s style can be described as gracefully athletic. She loves to introduce movements that build on each other and watch her clients progress. She wants her clients to leave her classes feeling confident and proud of their bodies.

Tiffany Brown - Pilates Instructor
Aly Cruz-Gil - Atlanta Pilates Instructor


Meet Aly! After struggling with chronic back pain as a teenager, Aly discovered pilates not only helped relieve her pain, but gave her a better understanding of how to connect to her core. 

She loves seeing the moment when something clicks, and the client is able to make the connection between body and mind. We love Aly for her ability to make class fun, while still focusing on form and bringing the heat.


I am originally from a small town in Northern Wisconsin. I started my journey in the fitness industry in 2019 getting my personal training certification and health and wellness diploma. I moved to Georgia right after Covid in May 2020, that’s when I started taking my sister’s Pilates classes. I realized the benefits Pilates has for people with injuries and how supplementing it with strength training has soo many positive benefits. I jumped right into the teacher training. I have been teaching Pilates for almost two years (April 2021) now and I love working with people from all walks of life. Working on improving individuals balance, posture and core strength & stability. I love making my classes flow & challenging!

Frances Moonan Pilates Instructor The Studio Pilates Atlanta
Group Reformer Instructor | Private Pilates Training


Caitlin is a professional dancer who has performed with some of the nation’s top ballet companies: Joffrey, Milwaukee, Colombia Classical, and San Diego Ballet. After leaving the dance world, she completed a business degree, a 500-hour Pilates certification, and a 6-month mentorship with second-generation Piales teacher, Jennie Rathke.

Catlin’s interest in improving her own health led her to study holistic health coaching, during which time she discovered a new passion for women’s hormone health and wellness. Caitlin created the Spring to Life Method in 2020. Her method helps women heal their relationships with their hormones, cycles, and bodies through cycle syncing, Pilates, self-care, and nutrition.


Amanda has been passionate about and practicing both mat and reformer Pilates for years. She realized the true value of pilates when she had her children. From prenatal to postpartum, pilates was able to help her feel strong and connected to her mind and body. After losing her job in hospitality due to the pandemic, she decided to make lemonade and invest in herself to become a certified Pilates instructor. Now she is able to combine both her love of Pilates and her passion of working with people. Amanda believes that no matter what exercise you are doing, it is beneficial to understand how to connect with your body so you can maintain the proper form for effective results. “There’s nothing I enjoy more than working with beginners – there’s something about seeing someone try something new and falling in love with it. I don’t want people to be intimidated by Pilates or the reformer machine. You don’t have to already be fit to participate! We should always celebrate trying something new!”

Atlanta Pilates Instructor


Stormi began her Pilates journey in 2017 intrigued by these funky apparatuses and promised benefits of this type of movement. She quickly became hooked feeling the increased strength in her body and was amazed by her ability to focus, finally staying out of her own head during exercise. As a child psychologist working with neurodiverse toddlers, this also allowed her to keep better pace with the physical demands of play with tiny tots. In 2020, Stormi began teacher training intent on deepening her own practice but fell in love with the idea of spreading the joy of Pilates to others. She completed her certification in 2021. When she’s not on the reformer next to you, you’ll see Stormi teaching occasional classes. Her focus is on providing a fun and welcoming environment where clients leave feeling longer, stronger, and with a greater appreciation of what their brains and bodies can do!